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Tartan Curling Club

This site is not the official site of the Tartan Curling Club.  Despite the fact that "tartancurling.com" is the ideal domain name, and despite the fact that the transfer of this domain was offered at no cost to the club, the Board of Directors has chosen to ignore this domain name and use two different .CA domain names.

The new website available through the .CA domain extensions is exceptionally minimal compared to the variety of features available through their previous website as demonstrated here.  The new website is a basic, and very minimalist Wordpress website. It does not offer any dynamic, real-time calendar, league scheduling, league standings, or automated communication to the club members.  Instead, it requires full manual updating which is time and labour intensive.

This site contains important historical information that we believe should be preserved in order to protect the integrity of the club rather than abandoning this site and destroying all of the historical information it contains. 

This is the one and only reason we continue to operate this site, under this domain name, on behalf of the club.  Our hope is that one day, a new Board may consider the benefits of the data and features available through this site as they contemplate the future of the Club.

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